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Charter 88 and the constitutional reform movement:  Twenty Years On

Launch of Special Issue of Parliamentary Affairs

Wednesday 9th December 2009, Portcullis House, Westminster, 6 - 7.30pm

Following on from the conference on Charter 88 last year, CSLS (in conjunction with Oxford Journals and Unlock Democracy) organized a seminar at Portcullis House, Westminster to launch a special issue of Parliamentary Affairs based on papers which were presented at the conference.  The panellists were special issue editor Dr. David Erdos (Centre for Socio-Legal Studies, University of Oxford), Ferdinand Mount (who acted as chair), Peter Facey, Director of Unlock Democracy and Dr. Tony Wright MP, Chairman of the Public Administration Select Committee.  The panel addressed three overarching questions which are of as much interest now as twenty years ago when Charter 88 was first launched:

Those seeking further information are welcome to email David Erdos directly at david.erdos@csls.ox.ac.uk.  Further information on the issue itself is available at http://pa.oxfordjournals.org/current.dtl and http://www.oxfordjournals.org/our_journals/parlij/specialissue.html.  A Podcast discussing the issue is available here:  http://www.oxfordjournals.org/our_journals/parlij/podcast.html.

Part One (which features the panelists' presentations) and Part Two (which features questions, answers and discussion) is now available for download.


Ferdinand Mount introduced and chaired the session The Current Issue David Erdos talked about themes coming out of the special issue

Peter Facey looked to the future of the constitutional reform movement Tony Wright MP linked the discussion to a broader public disconnection with politics

The event featured a lively audience discussion   The event was sponsored by CSLS (in conjunction with Oxford Journals and Unlock Democracy)



Other resources

A special edited book examining constitutional reform twenty years on from Charter 88 has also been published by Unlock Democracy (Charter 88's successor organization).  This also includes contributions from a number of conference participants including Anthony Barnett and Stuart Weir.

Two recently published books by Oxford University academics are of relevance to those interested in the Charter.  These are: What's Wrong with the British Constitution by Professor Iain McLean and The New British Constitution by Professor Vernon Bogdanor.  Professor McLean has discussed some of the themes in his new book on the Open Democracy website.


Other information on mini-site

The rest of this mini-site contains various archived material from the Charter 88 and the Constitutional Reform Movement conference itself which took place in July 2008.



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