Dr Bettina Lange

Bettina Lange

Associate Professor in Law and Regulation

Contact Details bettina.lange@csls.ox.ac.uk
0044 (0) 1865 284226


BA (Law and Sociology, Warwick University), PhD (Law, Warwick University)


Bettina was a Jean-Monnet Fellow at the European University Institute, Florence, Italy from September 2004 to January 2005.

Core research Interests

Core teaching and supervision interests

  1. Regulation (BCL/MJur)
  2. Comparative and Global Environmental Law (BCL/MJur)
  3. Environmental law (FHS Environmental Law)
  4. Theory and Methods in Socio-Legal Research


Bettina has carried out consultancy work for the Environment Agency for England and Wales on trust based environmental regulation.


Fisher, Lange, Scotford (2013) Environmental Law: Text, Cases and Materials (OUP), for further info about the book click here :http://ukcatalogue.oup.com/product/9780199270880.do. Updated chapters here.

Lange, Bettina; 2008, ‘Implementing EU Pollution Control: Law and Integration’, Cambridge, Cambridge University Press, 316 pp. [more info]

For a review of the book click here http://jel.oxfordjournals.org/cgi/content/full/eqn032

Edited Collections

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Articles in international refereed journals

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Book chapters

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